June 30, 2016

Looking for a place to live in Athens? There are many apartments and houses for rent and here are some information we gathered for you to help in this searching process!

Off-campus housing option:

  • Houses

Homeowners and small rental companies own a lot of houses around campus for rent, best way to find a room in a house is through craigslist, you can search for apartments, houses and also other things for sale on this website. Craigslist housing page

Note: Be aware about scams and frauds, do not send any of your banking information or other personal information without precaution

  • Apartments

Big apartment companies often have leasing offices, their own websites, and more rooms for rent. Two types of apartments can be rented around campus.

  1. Rented per apartment: you need to rent a whole apartment with your roommates or just yourself, usually not furnished (you need to buy your own furniture), listed are some of these type of apartments. River Park, River AnnexRiver’s Edge, College Park, Athens Stations, Carriage HillMonticello Village, etc.
  2. Rented per room: you can sign the lease all by yourself and you do not need to find roommates, however, they can also match you with the roommates you would like to have,and these apartments are normally furnished, and are very similar to dorms on campus. University Commons, University Courtyard, the Summit, River Gate, etc.


  • Other useful housing information

Thanks to the International Student and Faulty Services(ISFS), here is a rental map compiled by them and is helpful for looking for a place to live around campus. ISFS rental map

Ohio University also provided a searchable rental listing/message board resources, and the link can be found here.

WeHousing offers some discount for new students renting apartments in Athens.

Enjoy you search and we hope you find a home away from home in Athens!